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  • Mood Desktop Photo Albums 1.0

    Now, everybody in the computer with many digital photos.For a long time,these experience may be dismissed.For many good things, it's a pity. Desktop
  • Quickie Web Albums 4.4.0

    Quickie Web Albums gives the ability to order the images, put a description for each image, and many other options. Fully customize the output from
  • Photozig Albums 1.0

    Photozig Albums is the complete solution for managing digital photos and short videos in the desktop computer with web connectivity.You can easily
  • ReaGallery web albums 3.15

    ReaGallery is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for creating great looking web albums with just a few mouse clicks. ReaGallery now provides photo
  • Photozig Albums Premium 1.0

    Easily copy pictures and video from your digital camera to your computer, organize into albums, and share with your family and friends. Create your
  • Photozig Albums Express 1.0

    Organize, enhance, and share digital photos! Get started with Digital Photography! Photozig Albums Express is the complete solution for managing
  • Mora Rank (Albums) 1.0

    This Widget displays top downloaded albums at is one of the most famous music download sites in Japan. Ranking data is updated
  • Image Albums (For Microsoft Access) 3.2.01

    Image Albums (requires Microsoft
  • Beauty MPEG Albums Take Package 1 3

    The software helps you to seek and keep Mpeg music files from Internet via huge range of seek directories to find the most effect. This found music
  • Easy Live Albums Take Tool 1 3

    This program helps you to search and save Mpeg records files from Internet using large collection of seek portals to have the greatest results. This
  • 21 CD Albums Icon Pack part 2 -

    second pack of music albums icons. next part under
  • Picasa Web Albums Live Publisher 3.8

    Together, Picasa & Picasa Web Albums make it easy to organize, edit and share your photos. When you launch Picasa, you can immediately organize and
  • Excellent Live Albums Download Manager 1.3

    The software helps you to seek and download Online tunes files from Web using large range of find directories to find the greatest results. This found
  • Homemade Perfumes 1.0

    Perfume recipes open the door to experimentation, creativity and individuality. Whether you're looking to set yourself apart with a unique scent or
  • Homemade Hairsprays 1.0

    Now you can get information about the homemade hairsprays from this Homemade Hairsprays ebook. For good hair, you will take care of your hair same
  • Homemade Manicure 1.0

    The best eBook for women is Homemade Manicure eBook that contains many examples and recipes for the perfect manicure. It is very easy to use and
  • Homemade Baths 4.0

    Natural homemade baths. Natural homemade baths are excellent tools for helping to relax and rejuvenate the body. With just the simple addition of
  • Homemade Lip Gloss 1.0

    Making your own cosmetics is both healthy and easy.You get healthier cosmetic products with fresher, natural ingredients and no preservatives. You
  • Homemade Lotions 5.7

    Homemade Lotions. There are many ways to make homemade body lotions to keep your skin healthy.This software contains some easy recipes for
  • Homemade Mouthwash 5.7

    How to make a natural homemade mouthwash. The following homemade mouthwashes will help you to eliminate bad breath and promote overall mouth and
  • Homemade Shampoos 5.7

    Recipes for natural homemade shampoos. There are many ways to make homemade shampoos. Few easy recipes for homemade shampoos are given below:
  • Homemade Toothpaste 5.6

    How to make homemade toothpaste. Toothpaste Recipe: 1/4 tsp peppermint oil,1/4 tsp spearmint, 1/4 cup arrowroot, 1/4 cup powdered orrisroot, 1/4
  • Homemade Dictionary 2.01

    Homemade Dictionary is a free, Open Source, customizable and easy to use dictionary, with damn good features including background music support.
  • Google Picasa Web Albums Download Multiple Images 7.0

    Google Picasa Web Albums Download Multiple Images Software 7.0 is a handy and professional utility that help you download one or many images files
  • Homemade Greeting Cards 2.0

    With this creative game, you can create your own greeting cards with a great selection of ready-to-use templates for any holiday occasion. Send out
  • Homemade Hair Shampoos 1.0

    How often to use homemade shampoo is something that most people get wrong. If your one of the millions of people who have to wash their hair every
  • Homemade Hair Conditioners 1.0

    Conditioning is mainly used for dry hair because it adds natural oil supply. It makes dry hair shiny. For oily hairs mild conditioner should be used
  • Homemade Hair Masks 1.0

    Now you can make masks for hair in home with the help of this Homemade Hair Masks ebook. For good hair, you will take care of your hair same like you
  • Homemade Hair Rinses 1.0

    You can get useful information about the maintenance of good hair from this Homemade Hair Rinses Homemade Hair Rinses. You can take proper care of
  • Homemade Facial Moisturizers 5.7

    Recipies for homemade facial moisturizers. Moisturizers act as a protective barrier between your skin and the environment. Although your skin
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  • WWW Photo Album 1.16

    WWW photo Album can help you easily create photo albums. WWW photo Album creates high quality thumbnail images and html pages for the album. It supports many image formats: BMP, DIB, EMF, GIF, ICB, JPG, JPEG, PBM, PCD,
  • SeasideSoft Book Manager

    Book Manager is a photo Album creating and managing software.This software create photo tupac albums with misic, you can turn over the pages like a real book. Key Features: * You can create photo albums only by
  • Photo to FlipBook 2.4

    photo to FlipBookis a photo to flash page flipping albums conveter software that enables you to create stunning online photo albums from your photo collections. With photo to FlipBook, you can create cool online photo
  • 101 PHOTO SLIDE SHOW - Free Download 1.01

    photo SLIDE SHOW lets you organize your photos into "photo albums", and let you enjoy the photo show in no time. You dont have to pick the photos up one by one. Just point out the directories where the photos
  • fYO One-Click Facebook Photo Album Downloader 1.0.34

    fYO One-Click Facebook photo Album Downloader (Home version) enables you to download photo albums to your computer with just one click. You can even share albums with others as an HTML photo
  • Effective-Slideshow 1.003011

    Here you can create and save photo albums, and Webalbums for quick viewing. The photo albums can have descriptive cards for you to show at certain point in your slideshows. View your pictures in an environment to show
  • eSan Photo2PDF 1.0

    Create photo albums in PDF format. eSan photo2PDF is an easy to use software tool that helps to create your own photo albums in Adobe PDF format (Portable Document Format). The PDF format is a standard and general
  • Chiizu Photo Layout 4.0

    Allows creation of templates for layering of images and captions. It is easy to use and is a great tool for developing creative presentations with photo collages and other artwork. Function This product functions to
  • Picbus 0.6.5

    Picbus is a quick photo sharing software. It helps to share your pictures without uploading. And you will get an easy remember photo albums address like "" after signed-up. Only a web browser
  • 3DPageFlip for Album 1.1

    3D PageFlip for Album is fun and easy software to create animated 3D flipping flash photo albums, share with your friends and families. With 3D PageFlip for Album, you can create digital photo albums that look like real
  • AAA Web Album 2.10

    AAA Web Album Software will help you to create smooth web photo albums out of your digital photos, and upload them on the Web. You can apply different styles to change the look and feel of your web albums. This tool is a
  • Image to FlipBook 2.1

    Image to FlipBook is a powerful digital photo albums creator that enables you to create digital photo albums that look like real photo albums and complete with page-flipping action. With Image to FlipBook, you can easily
  • Homemade Lotions 5.7

    homemade Lotions. There are many ways to make homemade body lotions to keep your skin healthy.This software contains some easy recipes for homemade
  • FlipAlbum 5.5

    Now you have no need to waste your time in making photo albums because the handy software application FlipAlbum is here for you that automatically create page-flipping picture albums. It has built-in 3,000 borders,
  • QAlbum.NET 3.1.0

    QAlbum.NET is an application of managing digital camera photoes. And an Exif Viewer is included in QAlbum.NET. Main features of QAlbum.NET -Classifying photoes in topics and albums. -Searching photoes by date and
  • AlbumPhotoMap 1.1

    A program that allow manage photo albums through a Map. Requires the .NET Framework 3.5 -SP1 and 4.0 Libraries Used: GreatMaps, Html Agility, Facebook Toolkit, WPF Localization Extension & SQLite. Features: *Manage
  • Ulead Photo Express 6

    Ulead photo Express is a digital photo editor. It offers different tools for enhancing your photo and deleting imperfections. It allows you to perform batch processing and to create projects so that you can continue
  • FLIP Flash Album Deluxe 1.7.1211.1

    Use FLIP Flash Album Deluxe to turn your photos into stunning animated flipping photo albums. Place your photos in albums that look exactly like the real ones. You will even enjoy watching as the pages flip! The program
  • A-PDF Photo Flipbook Builder 3 5

    A-PDF photo Flipbook Builder is a digital photo flipbook publisher program that turns your digital photos into an online flash photo albums with page tuner effect. It lets you create realistic, book-like albums with an
  • Web Album Creator 3.10

    Web Album Creator is a web publishing tool that generates complete photo albums on the web. Pick from a collection of graphical photo albums or generate thumbnails that can be used for indexing photos. A built-in
  • Picasa Post 0.21

    This extension lets you post photos to the Picasa Web albums service by dragging the photos you want to upload to the Picasa icon the extension adds to your statusbar. When a photo is dragged over the Picasa icon a
  • My Better Desktop 1.0.14

    My Better Desktop 1.0.14 is a useful program which makes your desktop better with your own photos on your computer, online photo albums, or images from online Webcams. Turn your desktop into a self-updating wallpaper
  • NitroDesk Media Edition 2.2.6

    You can use handy software application NitroDesk Media Edition for following purposes: for connecting and managing your albums across different supported photo sharing services; for easily making backups of your albums
  • Love2Photo 1.7

    Save time,money and effort sharing your live photo.Take advantage of the BEST photo compression method on the planet.Unite your photos into highly-compressed,easy to post or e-mail,albums and rich slideshows.Feel the
  • Photonizer 2.0

    photonizer is an efficient application for creating your personal digital photo albums. It is the ideal application for attaching information to your digital photos like: persons appearing on photos events that took
  • Wondershare Photo Copy

    Wondershare iPhone photo Copy is an amazing iPhone photo transfer tool which offers you a two-way solution for your photo transfer between your iPhone/iPod and PC. It allows you to transfer iPhone photos to PC for
  • Fortop Digital Software 1.8

    The handy software application Fortop Digital makes creation of stunning flash digital photo albums very easy. It has following major features: it has user friendly interface that is very easy to use; you can set your
  • FlippingBook Joomla Gallery 1.5.1

    FlippingBook Joomla Gallery 1.5 extension offers you extensive galleries and photo albums for Joomla CMS and different effects and navigation options. Yet no matter how beautiful the effects and how convenient the
  • Web Photo Album 1.2

    Web photo Album is top class and very helpful photo album generator that enables you to view album you are creating as soon as you've added images or edited an album theme. It contains a number of built-in photo
  • SSuite Office - Photo Gallery Portable 1.0

    Store all your favourite images to multiple albums of your choice SSuite Office - photo Gallery - Portable allows you to store all your favourite images to multiple albums of your choice. Features: * Create unlimited